Saturday, April 02, 2011

41:30-till end of show... ='\

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good story line

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Friday, April 01, 2011

non april fools content

What is it about the spirit of envy and jealousy Mr Ong? For when such thoughts and sentiments arise, I have the Holy Spirit to tell me to come back to God. This means to focus on the cross, give thanks and show kindness and love like how Christ did. This spirit of envy and jealousy makes Mr Ong wanna bask in his glory. and may i ask whose glory it belong to? May his mind be renewed and transformed day by day into Christ-likeness and not one that comforms to the world, very well epitomised by tw drama serial. This spirit of envy and jealous has immense potential of destroying friendship and fellowhip, its magnitude has it that it can isolate one and eats himself up. Pride. I do not want to trudge that path... but the path that is narrow. This pride that bit me when i was in school... very that class. ____ At the same time, let not self pity swallows Mr Ong. for that he meant being small and inferior. then what or how does he manage circumstances and situations? One thing, he smiles, laughs, jokes, grins when he is lost/loss. This is the time Mr Ong thank his Counselor . For His power lifts me up and reduce the negativity, giving thanks in all circumstance. Self pity can be poisonous. Self pity ought to take many steps back and recognise that God in heaven has blest each of us in the ways He knows best. and wouldn't be that be more than enough?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

10years ago

exactly a decade ago, i arrived at hawaii with DHS choir for a christmas performace.
chekhui arrived at hawaii with NYGH choir for the same event.
we were together away from singapore and arrived at hawaii from 12th to 21st dec 2000.

we were 'together' then.

Monday, November 15, 2010

of vincent and grace ... many many

ong- my paternal uncle
van gogh- popular painter whom i knew about
ha- OCS wingmate
tay- jo's toot
ng- bozz
?- someone who offended my fren and her workers terribly
lo-trbc church executive

tan- senior fr DHS
bok- my DHS geog teacher
fu- a vjchoir junior
tan- church sister with abi
fong- church sister
koh- a uni fren
wee- fellow social-worker
lee- her bozz
ho- citigem-er
ng- jo's church fren

Jesus- my Saviour

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10km nike run

I finally took part in a marathon. not the vertical one. the normal one.

i think got at least 5 yrs since i ran more than 5km.

and i clocked a decent timing. to my surprise.

i started off the race happy. i was smiling and i literally was thankful i could be part of a running event. no no,...i think it was more of a fact that i actually moved out of my inertia and still was able to run. so i was smiling and feeling thankful to the Almighty for providing a fine weather with minimal haze and CK who paced with patience and encouragement throughout 10km.

i had my personal history to encourage myself to complete the race. i completed 21km 6-7 at years ago? yea... there were middle aged runners too and that, to me was an indication that 10km would be manageable.

just to bot down a few thoughts that weaved through as i ran..

1. cannot run? everyone also can run. dun have to come in first second third. dun need to bother about timing. just slowly run and complete the race. (IT)
2. just run. hopefully can do a marathon with you. just sign up together and train together. i'll run with you. it's ok. let's do it! (CK)
3. i'll be waiting for you at the finishing pt (dear)
4. that female singaporean triathlon who fell off her bike during the cycling section but showed her grit and determination to COMPLETE the race.
5. CK's sharing of how he endured 42km
6. Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and LET US RUN WITH PERSEVERANCE THE RACE MARKED OUT FOR US. (hebrews)
7.I have fought the good fight, i have finished the race, i have kept the faith. (2 tim)
8. u can walk... just finish what you started. (myself)

and right now, i am recuperating from the severe pain i have experienced on my lower limbs and the ache i have on my back.

and i know many who ran probably dun feel the ache right now.

but nvm, thank God i am alive...after 1hr1min55s.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Friday, October 08, 2010

an email to my band members


Hope this email reaches you well.

What an experience it is for me to sing in a real band, an album-producing band that sings of God's love and glory.

It's about 3 years since this band was created and I have been blessed in many ways because of the band. Some of you know I am engaged to Faith a month ago. She, definitely, is a blessing in my life. We are now planning our wedding in July next year. This season of my life has been quite tiring but fun, stressful yet meaningful.

As I am typing this, I'm listening to the minus one of "song title" in the dropbox, i think God has really blessed each of us with talent. And it is so beautiful for us to be able to serve Jesus through music.

With much thought and many practical considerations, I have decided to step out of this band. It's not a sudden decision. Initially, I thought I can be a full member contributing constructively untill "album title" is launched. Now, we have better equipment, God-sent teacher and producer, amazing compositions to record!!! So Gian to sing. However, I do think time is too tight for vocal classes, photo shoots to be rescheduled again and again. It's not easy to coordinate timings for a group of people who have diverse schedules like us. (R, you are v. patient. God bless you.) In the future where studio recording is concerned, I am unlikely to have that flexibility in my schedule because of work, time with fiancee, preparation for wedding, ministry stuff too. With the above, I think I cannot come for studio recording and produce the quality that this upcoming album can have. Time is tight. Money is involved as well. Let the time and money be spent be wisely.

I've attended 5 vocal classes with R and A. Their vocals have improved tremendously. They meet up so very often after lesson to practice and discuss. The very first time I had A voice when R let me hear "song title", I was surprised with A's improved singing. Praise God for Grace. Well, I think I have improved slightly too... according to Faith! hahaha. Well, I think there is a Thai version of song title in this album and I like to do it (not alone off course). And if you guys don't mind, I like to contribute to this album in this manner. (feat. William, hahaha)

I sincerely and prayerfully hope that my departure from this band now would not have come too late.

This is not an easy decision but is one that I think is wise and would serve to benefit all.

With God's creativity, I trust that you guys would continue to glorify Him.



vocal back-up


PS one last contribution, call yourself H.D.Band =D

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